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Life can be challenging, frustrating and cause anxiety as you work your way through high school, university/college, and into the real world; but it doesn’t have to be this way.  This is a journey that should be memorable and fun.

Teenagers have said, time and time again, that school doesn’t prepare you for the real world.  That there are so many ‘unknowns’, things that are not anticipated, or matters that you simply don’t understand. 

At GenZed (Generation Z) we will bridge the gap between school and life beyond the classroom by providing useful articles and tools to help you now and through your next steps in life.


Stories About GenZed
  • Jun052018

    Your Life. Your Way. No excuses.

    Over the years I have read my fair share of inspirational, motivational, and leadership books, and while there have been so many great take-aways from each book, there is one book in particular that stands out to me and I always come back to.   The Success Principles by Jack Canfield. Principal One:  Take 100% Responsibility for your life.   A colleague of mine recently arranged a coffee break to introduce me to a gentleman I’ve heard so much about and have been intrigued with his attitude around health, fitness,......

  • Feb212018

    Sales vs. the ONLINE World of Shopping

    Sales people.  Those individuals that you masterfully avoid all eye contact with, and gracefully veer into the opposite direction, as you walk into any retail outlet.  You enter with much determination so as to say, “I got this handled, find someone else to harass,” until you find what you are looking for and then realize that you do have a couple of questions after all.   Trust me – this action is not uncommon in any way.  In fact, this scene is reenacted daily around the world as people intentionally......

  • Jan162018

    The Value of a Cup of Coffee

    I’ve never really been one to share my goals with other people. I guess the excitement of the mystery with what I have going on ‘behind the scenes’ creates an extra kick of motivation for me.   You may find yourself similar, or maybe you don’t want to reveal your goals in case they never come to fruition. Or, better yet! – you feel your idea is just so brilliant that someone will steal it.   But what if talking to others about your dreams and aspirations led you to......

  • Jan042018

    It’s BIG…it’s Hairy…

    It’s scarier than anything you have ever imagined! It’s your Big Hairy Audacious Goal! That’s right – your BHAG (pronounced be-hag).   We’re days into the new year and you have goals in mind so why do you need another one? – you think to yourself. But wait! This one is different, almost unbelievable and it’s going to deliver extraordinary results.   The concept of a BHAG is to set a goal that is greater than any caliber of goal that you would normally set. It encourages you to let......

  • Dec282017

    Reflecting on 2017 is Key to Your Year Ahead

    Baby it’s cold outside… and what better time than now to hunker down and reflect on 2017?   365 days of life ponder. Ready, set – go! But where do you start?   The reality is that you should end each day with a dedicated few minutes to reflect on the good, the bad and the ugly for the day, rather than waiting until the final days of the year to try to process it all.   Just think, each morning you wake up and get moving with things that......

  • Dec122017

    Work Christmas Party Do’s & Don’ts

    The holiday season is upon us and everywhere you turn the decorations are up, colorful lights and ornaments are embellishing every surface, carols are playing, and people are flooding the stores during lunch breaks, after work and on weekends.  And, amidst all of this hustle and bustle, there is plenty of holiday cheer being had both at work and outside of it.   This year, as you head off to your company Christmas party – whether it be your first or you have a few under your belt by now,......

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